The highs and lows of ubiquitous mobile connectivity

I like the fact that all the data are immediately sent to the server and available for analysis

Michele Salvagno

At a Glance


  • Context: Doctoral Research Study
  • Number of participants: 10
  • Number of days per participants: 5-10
  • Number of prompst per Day: button pressed (participants decide)
  • Number of Items: 4


I will use the app to record students’ experiences in using new technologies in relation to learning during their daily life. Learners’ experiences will be recorded for 5-10 days. 10 university students will be involved. They will be asked to use the MovisensXS app during the day every time they use any type of device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC) to perform activities related to learning. The app will be used to ask students specific information about the situation (like location and device used) and to record an audio comment about the positive and negative aspect of their experience. Finally they will be asked to rate the quality of their experience using a Likert scale (1 to 5).

This study is part of a qualitative research and therefore there are no specific hypotheses. The main aim is to investigate positive and negative aspects of studying with the use of new technologies to provide suggestions on how to improve the quality of students’ experiences.

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