Stressmanagement at work

At a Glance


  • Context: Master Thesis
  • Number of participants: 30-50
  • Number of days per participants: 2
  • Number of prompst per Day: 8-10
  • Number of Items: 20-25


As part of our Masterprogram in Psychology we implement a project on "Stressmanagement at work". We want to investigate the question, whether and how far the stress at work is transferred to the leisure sektor. Especially we are interested in what areas, such as family, hobbies or other aspects, are most affected. Furthermore there should be develop opportunities which on the one hand stop this transfer and on the other hand intervention which support stressmanagement at the workplace. For this purpose we will use movisensXS to create an app which allow us high flexibility by our implementation of the question. The subjects are supposed to answer a few questions during their work and in their leisure time. The answer will always be done via a smartphone, and can be either manually or automatically (for example, every hour) triggered.

While using the app it is possible to measure information uncomplicated and practically in any situations of the subjects lives, which will hopefully contribute to improving our results.

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