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To comply to data privacy requirements or to get an approval from the ethics committee you usually have to prepare an informed consent that the participant has to sign.

The content of such an informed consent is out of the scope of this documentation but you have to include information about the data you aquire and the institutes involved in processing the data. Because movisens is involved in processing the data you have to include information like the following:

movisens GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany is allowed to process the data collected by the smartphones and store them in the datacenter of the TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany until the data is requested for deletion by the researcher. The data is collected and stored pseudonymized, the identity of the participant is not known to movisens. The study is not allowed to collect data from the participant that allows movisens uncovering the identity of the participant.

We implemented the following security protections

  1. 256 Bit encrypted data transfer on all data channels (between smartphone and server respectively server and browser of the researcher).
  2. 256 Bit encrypted data storage on the smartphone. Decryption of the data will happen only on the server. If a smartphone is lost by the participant, the data collected cannot be decrypted by a third person.
  3. Our hosting provider (1&1 IONOS Cloud GmbH) cares for data security, data privacy and that the server is hosted in a secure environment (see Data Protection Package (German). The physical servers are hosted by the TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany and is ISO 27001 certified which means that he cares for reliance, privacy, integrity and authenticity.
  4. movisens does not know the identity of the participant. All participants get a pseudonym. In the study no personal data is allowed to be collected that allows to identify the participant (e.g. name).
  5. If you have a movisensXS-Account and are the administrator of your account you can digitally sign a Data Processing Contract.
  6. More information about our data processing can be found here.

Experience Sampling / Ambulatory Assessment

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Data Analysis

Cranford, J.A. et al., 2006. A Procedure for Evaluating Sensitivity to Within-Person Change: Can Mood Measures in Diary Studies Detect Change Reliably?
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The Lockout-Mode prevents the participant from accessing applications other than movisensXS. To enable the Lockout-Mode, change the configuration parameters of the Sampling running node in the Sampling tab of the web console. Activate Full Screen and Lock other applications. If it is configured and the Study is running the Smartphone will block other applications and will instead launch movisensXS.

The language of the movisensXS app is automatically chosen depending on the configured smartphone language. The study control screens are always in English. Only the screens the participant sees are translated.

The following languages are currently available.

movisensXS translations

If your language is missing, just register at transifex as a translator and than go to movisensXS app translation, select your language and press Join team (top right). We will approve your account and your translations will be included in our next release.

Questionnaire Results

The questionnaire results can be downloaded in different formats:

  • Excel 2007 (XLSX): Default option when downloading results.
  • Comma-separated values (CSV): CSV for regions where the decimal separator is a '.'.
  • Semicolon-separated values (CSV): CSV for regions where the decimal separator is a ','.
  • Multimedia Results (ZIP): Contains all captured multimedia files in a ZIP.

The questionnaire results contain the following columns:

  • Participant: The participant id.
  • Trigger: The name of the trigger that lead to the execution of this form.
  • Trigger_date & Trigger_time: The time when the trigger occured that lead to the execution of this form (in the time zone of the smartphone).
  • Trigger_counter: This counter is incremented each time a trigger (yellow block in the sampling) is executed. Each time e.g. a "Random Time" or a "Button pressed" is executed the trigger counter increments. If multiple forms are placed after one another (e.g. after a "Button pressed" trigger), than the "Trigger Counter" has the same number for all these consecutive forms.
  • Form: The name of the form as specified in the movisensXS web console.
  • Form_start_date & Form_start_time: The form start time (in the time zone of the smartphone).
  • Form_finish_date & Form_finish_time: The form finish time (in the time zone of the smartphone).
  • Form_upload_date & Form_upload_time: The upload time (in Central European (Summer) time which is UTC/GMT +2 hours in winter or UTC/GMT +1 hours in winter. The current time zone can be found here.
  • Missing: If this column is not empty than this form is missing and the column describes the reason. (Ignored = Participant did not respond to the alarm, Dismissed = Participant dismissed the alarm, Incomplete = Participant did not complete the form, Canceled_by_new_alarm = A new alarm canceled the previous alarm)
  • 1-n Columns for each item: For each answer option of a Select Many Item a column is created with the label and the answer option. 0 indicates not selected, 1 indicates selected.

All dates and times are stored in the local time zone of the smartphone except the Form_upload_date/time.

Mobile Sensing Results

  • Unisens Log File (ZIP): If you are using logging features (beta), the files are logged in the unisens file format.
  • Unisens Log File in minutes (XLSX): This Excel file tries to aggregate the logged data. Please note this file does not contain all data and is only intended for an overview!
  • Track as Google Earth File (KMZ): If you are using the location tracking feature (beta) you can use this file to get an overview over the track of the participant. Only location data with an accuracy better than 100m is included. The KMZ file contains the location data and can be opened with tools like Google Earth or online with the GPS Visualizer. You can also use Google Earth to show the Elevation Profile of the track.

Beginning with app version 0.6.3591 you can select the alarm sound in the settings of the movisensXS app. You can either choose an alarm that shipped with your device or if you install the ES File Explorer File Manager you can also select audio files you placed on the device.

How to change the alarm sound

If you experience a problem, please check the following points:

  • Did you create a form with at least one item and a sampling containing at least three sampling blocks?
  • Did you include a form block and specified the form that should be triggered?
  • Please open all sampling blocks and check if you configured everything correctly.
  • Please check that all visibility rules of all items of all forms do not show an error

If the problem persists please contact us as described under support.

To cite movisensXS please include the version of the smartphone app. For example:

movisensXS, Version 0.7.4162 (movisens GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany)

  • Added new ui for study warnings
  • Added possibility to hide warnings
  • Added better handling of DND and/or silent mode
  • Added new scroll indicator and highlighting function in long forms
  • Added page indicators to form
  • Added FrontFacingVideoItem
  • Added possibility to randomize forms
  • Added new logging with new upload log possibilities
  • Added timeout length configuration option
  • Added button title option to external items
  • Added not allowed apps section to lock other apps mode
  • Added initial trigger to perform actions only on study start
  • Added possibility to use random time trigger with mutable values
  • Added choose picture item
  • Added notification trigger
  • Added EQ5D Item
  • Added random picture sd card item
  • Added possibility to increment/decrement times and dates in change mutable value
  • Added dutch as new language
  • Changed form timeout to use a notification
  • Changed to library for player control view in audio item
  • Fixed endless audio bug in forms
  • Fixed lock app adapter bug where false id will be added to form entry activity causing a crash
  • Fixed participant defined time trigger bug where scheduled alarms will override each other
  • Fixed activation detection of accessibility service
  • Fixed toasts on android oreo or higher devices
  • Fixed a lot of minor other bugs
  • Fixed padding and usability of visual analog scales
  • Fixed visual glitch of visual analog scales when timeout is arriving
  • Fixed size of visual analog scale and thumb
  • fixed an error with visual analog image scale
  • fixed minor bugs
  • Added new card for incompatible devices
  • Fixed spacing on homescreen and on DisplayTextItem
  • Fixed upload of PresentationItem (Beta)
  • Fixed alarms of movisensXS to use notification settings
  • Fixed possible crash with random number item
  • Various minor Bugfixes

Added Android 7 and 8 Compatibility (Nougat and Oreo)

We updated our whole code base to be compatible with the new android versions.

Log Apps and Lock other Apps now compatible with Android 5+

We have completely rewritten our internal code to make the "Lock other Apps" functionality and the "logging which app is used (beta)" compatible with newer android versions.

Silent mode warning card

In case a participant accidentally puts their smartphone to silent mode we display a warning card on the home screen to let them know that they might miss alarms.

Notification if location tracking was disabled

In case you use location tracking and a participant accidentally disables location tracking we show a notification until the participant activates the location tracking again.

Added log music condition (Beta)

We added a new beta functionality that logs the music your participant listens to. It logs the artist, the album, and the track currently playing. It has been implemented for several android music apps and has been tested with the largest tree: Google Android Player, Amazon Music and Spotify. Let us know, if you want to try it.

Here's even more movisensXS app improvements

  • TimeRangeCondition can now define time ranges that transition days (e.g. 23.00-04.00)
  • You can now explicitly allow and disallow apps
  • The cards on the home screen are now ordered by priority for the participant
  • Fixed the alarm notification to allow the resumption of an incomplete form
  • The inactivity timer on forms is deactivated on several item formats (audio recording, timer, display video, presentation, cognition tests, external). Additionally the inactivity time on forms can be disabled by setting the inactivity time on forms to 0
  • Alarms and forms will be stopped when study is paused
  • Fixed issues that could allow access to the study control screen without a pin code
  • Fixed an issue on selected smartphones that could cause movisensXS to crash when opening a form
  • Barcode item now detects more formats (UPC-A & E, Code 39 & 93 & 128, EAN-8 & 13, QR Code)
  • RTL compatible likert and visual analog scale
  • Updating of server status if device is uncoupled/finished
  • Various bug fixes

And some improvements of beta features

  • Added calendar item and calendar time trigger
  • Added option to limit log apps function to a specified set of apps
  • Display ON/OFF logging now detects shutdown
  • Added presentation item
  • Fixed participant time trigger conflicts with time items and some condition blocks in the sampling
  • New building blocks for the sampling to trigger based on movisens sensors
  • Limiting estimated steps logging to 0-300 steps per minute
  • Retry of uploads after unisens upload fails
  • We fixed time overflow issues with the stopwatch item
  • Notification when location services are disabled but needed
  • Improved barcode scanner
  • Improved random time trigger to work in cases of restart
  • Decreased amount of permissions on startup
  • Improved margins
  • Improved UI with consistent card buttons
  • Added Android Nougat (Android 7) support
  • Added indicator for study state at homescreen
  • Added send log information to developer
  • Added indicators in WebViews
  • Prevent user from double clicking buttons
  • Back button now usable in informed consent
  • Automatic cancelling of concurrent alarms
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Added new informed consent option
  • Added few privacy enhancements
  • Added better alarm and form handling
  • Added support for Android 6 (Marshmellow)
  • Added opt-out from crashlytics
  • Added new lock other apps mechanism to support newer devices
  • Added new options for auto upload
  • Added imprint and terms of service
  • Added new barcode scanning
  • Added new item formats
  • Changed to card UI
  • Fixed location problems through new algorithm
  • Changed to google play services 8.1
  • Various bug fixes
  • Compatible with Android Version 2.3+
  • Added alarmcards
  • Fixed couple dialog bug
  • Introducing participant friendly notification system for alarms
  • Beautiful new user interface for all android versions
  • Participants can configure alarm sound / font size
  • Participant can couple with a study link
  • Removed possibility to select files in multimedia items
  • Update to google play services 7.5.0
  • Optimization for android Lollipop and M
  • Fixed music player bug on HTC One V
  • Added possibility to let the participant define a trigger time
  • Compatible with Android Version 2.3+
  • Introducing participant friendly notification system for alarms. These alarms can now also be muted by setting the phone to silent mode.
  • Participants can now configure the alarm sound and font size
  • Beautiful new user interface for all android versions
  • Added new participant onboarding
  • Longer texts can be shown in the random word item
  • Participant can couple with a study by clicking on a link
  • Removed possibility to select old files in multimedia items
  • Update to google play services 7.5.0
  • Optimization for android lollipop and M
  • Fixed bugs with music player on HTC One V
  • Improved random time triggers
  • Added possiblity to let the participant define a trigger time
  • Compatible with Android Version 2.3+
  • Added possibility to select custom alarm sounds
  • Added app version to control screen
  • Fixed possible problems when two red sampling-blocks are connected to the same trigger
  • Fixed seldom duplicate form starts on Android 4.4
  • Fixed inaccurate Timing on Android 4.4
  • Smaller error corrections in PlayAudioItem, Lock other Applications and Updating from v2517
  • Improved accuracy of location and steps logging (beta feature)
  • Added messaging between participants and study supervisor
  • Fixed problems with overlaying keyboard in full-screen mode
  • Lots of stability improvements
  • Improved coupling, sync and upload process
  • Improved date and time pickers on Android > 3.0 and made default time adjustable
  • Fixed problems with multimedia items on Android 4.4
  • Added media players to multimedia items and PlayAudioItems
  • Closing missed alarm-screens
  • Fixed issue with CDMA phones
  • Preparation for future awesome features ;-)
  • Fixed issues with Android 4.3
  • Improved stability (an Android bug caused a crash on some devices after ~1000 items have been answered).
  • Moved all data to internal storage (requires enough internal storage but increases reliability).
  • Fixed auto start after reboot feature on Nexus devices running Android version 4.2.2.
  • Improved Excel result output (split dates, split select many options, added forms column, reordered columns)
  • Improved result graphs
  • Added possibility to track the amount of credits used by each study (included in billing)
  • Added support for international characters (e.g. Chinese)
  • Added movisensXS guide
  • Probands are now participants
  • App: Delayable alarms
  • App: Optimized likert scale and vas scale (possibility to hide marker)
  • App: Smaller GUI improvements
  • App: Smaller bug fixes
  • Fix for not working PIN code
  • Fix for a disappearing control screen
  • Fix for not appearing alarms
  • Added new Bug Reporting meachanism
  • Improved coupling process
  • Fixed bug with Lock other Applications
  • Added Reaction Time Items
  • Added Auto Advance Items
  • Introducing Multimedia Items
  • Introducing Display Image Item Format
  • Improved Study Control Screen
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner into movisensXS
  • Improved developer integration
  • Improved forms editor with icons, visibility rules and multi-item screens.
  • First public release

We offer a beta program that allows you to access the latest versions of movisensXS before the general release. This allows us to deliver features faster and test them in the field without breaking ongoing studies.

Because the beta build will have features that are still in progress, the app may be less stable than you're accustomed to. Feedback on stability, as well as any other performance issues you experience, is crucial and greatly appreciated.

To get the beta version of movisensXS you have to have the public version installed:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and download the movisensXS App.
  2. Look to see if the app detail page in the Google Play Store mentions a beta version. Make sure you scroll down as this information could be at the bottom of the page.
  3. Tap I'm in and then Join or in german Ich bin dabei und dann Mitmachen.
  4. It can take a few minutes until the beta version is visible for you in the Play Store as an Update.
  5. A more detailed description of the process can be found in the Google Play Store Help.
  6. Tell us what you think at

Thanks so much to