eXperience Sampling for Android!

movisensXS is the next generation research tool for ambulatory assessment. Ambulatory assessment refers to the use of computer-assisted methodology for self-reports, behavior records, or physiological measurements, while the participant undergoes normal daily activities. This approach includes the experience sampling method (ESM) a.k.a. ecological momentary assessment (EMA).

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  • movisensXS Demo Video
    Demo: Launch your study in 2 minutes!
  • Study setup
    Complete study management

    movisensXS is the only solution that completely manages your research study in the web. No programming required.

  • Study workflow
    Intuitive workflow

    movisensXS is a complete online solution from the design of the study to the download of the results. It only takes 5 minutes.

  • Sampling scheme
    Innovative sampling schemas

    movisensXS allows you to design your experience sampling with a very flexible and powerful tool. You can realize any possible sampling scheme and configure every detail of your study.

  • Forms editor
    Forms designer

    Design your forms with ease. Select from many item formats and specify the form branching.

  • Smartphones & Tablets

    movisensXS supports Android Smartphones and Tablets so you can use it in a mobile or stationairy environment.

  • Works online and offline

    Once synchronized, the smartphone can run without any internet connection. But with an internet connection you can receive live results and you can monitor the compliance.

  • Secure encryption

    The data on the smartphone is encrypted (256 Bit). Even if the device gets lost, nobody can decrypt it. The data is decrypted as soon as it is in the secure web console. All communication to the web console is highly encrypted with SSL.

  • We care about security & privacy

    Data is only stored with pseudonyms to protect participants. The security of our service is constantly checked by a security scan. Our servers are hosted in a secure, ISO 27001 certified environment.

  • Select one & select many items
  • Visual Analog and Likert scale items
  • Date & time items
  • Geomap item
  • Open input items

    With validation and specific keyboards for faster data entry

  • Form branching

    Skip questions that are not relevant based on the response to a previous question

  • Multimedia items

    Capture audio, video and pictures in the field

  • Measure answer time

    Measure how fast the participants answers each question as an indicator of compliance

  • Texting with participants

    The movisensXS app has build-in messaging support that lets you stay in contact with your participants during the study. This can dramatically increase the compliance.

  • Inspired by MyExperience

    movisensXS is built with the experience we gained from several research studies and was inspired by MyExperience.

  • International character support

    You can design your forms using any unicode character and collect data in the language of your participant.

  • Standard compliant

    We use web standards like XForms and HTML to build a sustainable solution. movisensXS runs on the open smartphone OS Android, which has the highest market share and lots of reliable, cheap smartphones.

Features coming soon

movisensXS is going to grow on your feature requests. The following features are planned and will be released in a later version.

  • Sensors and interactive triggers

    Use the smartphone sensors and external sensors to trigger alarms and forms

Answered questions

With movisensXS already over a million questions have been answered by participants (and counting).

What users say about movisensXS

Other software solutions did not work;
now using movisensXS, works nicely.

Dr. Wolff Schlotz, University Regensburg

You're doing great stuff!!

Thomas Kamarck, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

It’s on the cutting edge of mobile healthcare technologies! I've been so impressed with how well the movisens software is working. It's extremely flexible, easy to use, and maybe most importantly, very easy to deploy.

Tyler Wray, PhD, Brown University

The app made it easy for me
to setup an Experience Sampling study.

Preethi Srinivas, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis